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How Wine Ruined Christmas How Wine Ruined Christmas Rated Stars A short tale on how Wine Lock can completely ruin your Christmas. Comedy - Original [CC] - Change [CC] - Change Rated Stars Limewire attempts to change to Satanist Clock in this epic thriller! Comedy - Parody Super Toad Lock Super Toad Lock Rated Stars A Toad Lock Tribute to Classic Super Mario Bros. Comedy - Parody theLongStory Ep.008 theLongStory Ep.008 Rated Stars Its here! Comedy - Original [LL] - Forehead [LL] - Forehead Rated Stars Who is this strange disfigured man? Oh wait, It's just Jack Cartmell Lock. Comedy - Original TheLongStory Ep.004 TheLongStory Ep.004 Rated Stars What really happened to Wine Lock after episode 3? This flash will tell... Experimental The Toad Lock Show 06 The Toad Lock Show 06 Rated Stars Toad Lock returns to Locktopia, but finds things are a little different. Comedy - Original [CC] - Ambush [CC] - Ambush Rated Stars Limewire and Update Clock get ambushed by the dreded Lock Legion Comedy - Original [LL] - 6th Birthday [LL] - 6th Birthday Rated Stars Its the Lock Legion's sixth birthday!!1 Spam [LL] - Tetris [LL] - Tetris Rated Stars My 'Tetris' entry for the Bi-Weekly contest over at the Lock Legion. Comedy - Original TheLongStory Ep.002 TheLongStory Ep.002 Rated Stars Episode Two: Ring Comedy - Original TheLongStory Ep.001 TheLongStory Ep.001 Rated Stars Voice acting ahoy in the first episode in the LL's huge collab: The Long Story. Comedy - Parody [LL] - Tourettes [LL] - Tourettes Rated Stars Wine exclaims to Quince in the most bizzare manner that he has tourettes. Comedy - Original LL - 4 Adventurers LL - 4 Adventurers Rated Stars The epic adventure of 4 adventurers! Comedy - Original LL- Drugs r gud LL- Drugs r gud Rated Stars The locklegion experiments with refined happiness! [LL] - Ban Pies [LL] - Ban Pies Rated Stars Wine and Courgette set outon an epic adventure in order to put a stop to Master's reign. Comedy - Original [LL] - AIDS [Take 2] [LL] - AIDS [Take 2] Rated Stars Bi-Weekly Contest Entry Spam [LL] - Time [LL] - Time Rated Stars Wine Lock needs to know the time so he isn't late for his job interview. Comedy - Original TheAdventuresOfDanWelsh TheAdventuresOfDanWelsh Rated Stars Dan gets a nasty knock on the head in this dramatic thriller. Comedy - Original [LL] - Cupcake [LL] - Cupcake Rated Stars Wine's evil twin steals his cupcake in this epic thriller. Comedy - Original We'R2Seriuz collab We'R2Seriuz collab Rated Stars Let us tell you why the internet is serious business Drama [LL] - The Trip [LL] - The Trip Rated Stars Wine and Explosive arn't quite sure where they are. Comedy - Original [LL] - Spam Collab [LL] - Spam Collab Rated Stars This was finished in under 2 hours. Spam Dodecohedron n' Pentagram Dodecohedron n' Pentagram Rated Stars John was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. What will Dave do? Comedy - Parody

2008 Submissions

The Doctor and the Dalek The Doctor and the Dalek Rated Stars The Doctor gets chased by his arch rival, the Dalek. Comedy - Parody [LL] - A Sexy Christmas [LL] - A Sexy Christmas Rated Stars Wine gets all the ladies in this epic christmas special. Comedy - Original [LL] - 1eraser1jar [LL] - 1eraser1jar Rated Stars Eraser finds a jar, what will he do with it? Comedy - Parody [LL] - Vending Machine [LL] - Vending Machine Rated Stars Log Lock is having some vending machine troubles. And asks Wine Lock to save the day. Comedy - Original A Grand Question A Grand Question Rated Stars Skinny asks Fatty a question. Experimental [LL] - AEPP2 [LL] - AEPP2 Rated Stars wine and log have tea and scones in the jungle this time LOOK OUT FOR ZOMBIE DINOS Comedy - Original [LL] - AEPP [LL] - AEPP Rated Stars Wine and Log have a picnic. Which turns out to be exceedingly plain. Comedy - Original [LL] - Pixelization [LL] - Pixelization Rated Stars Wine and Log discuss why everything is pixelated. Experimental [LL] - Lucent's Story [LL] - Lucent's Story Rated Stars Lucent got shut down D: Comedy - Original [LL] - The Banning [LL] - The Banning Rated Stars This is a little something I did whilst I was banned for a day or two. Comedy - Original [LL] - Seizure Shorts. [LL] - Seizure Shorts. Rated Stars Warning: May cause seizures. Comedy - Original [LL] - Tea Bag Lock. [LL] - Tea Bag Lock. Rated Stars Introducing Tea Bag Lock. Comedy - Original [LL] - Dots Is Not Alon [LL] - Dots Is Not Alon Rated Stars Dots is alone. Or is he? Comedy - Original [LL] - Happy [LL] - Happy Rated Stars Samegame vs Wine. Who will win? Comedy - Original LL - Quince's Party LL - Quince's Party Rated Stars Quince Lock holds a party for the Lock Legion. Music Video LL - Hammer LL - Hammer Rated Stars WineLock goes on a quest in search of a hammer. Comedy - Original My Lock Legion My Lock Legion Rated Stars My lock legion signature Other LL - End of the World LL - End of the World Rated Stars WineLock Is Angry. Other LL - Looking Evil. LL - Looking Evil. Rated Stars WineLock gets angry. Other